Packing List for Women in Ranger School (and Pre-Ranger)

The official packing list for women attending the WTC Ranger Training Assessment Course is not out, nor is there an official list for women attending Ranger School (although there is a standard packing list).  That said, we can look to other packing lists such as that for West Point Cadets or Sapper School students for insight.

1)  Three sports bras.  The first few days of RTAC are physically very strenuous, as is RAP week at Ranger School.  Rangers have to run frequently, overcome numerous obstacles, and get smoked almost non-stop.  For that reason, female attendees should plan on packing at least three sports bras.  Why three?  First, you will get very sweaty no matter what the temperature is outside.  Second, you will likely get wet and muddy a few times, and things take a while to dry.  The bras will likely need to have the minimum amount of spandex possible and will have to be black or brown.

2)  Extra baby wipes.  As a matter of hygiene, male attendees have it easier, given the way we're build below.  Female attendees will likely use significantly more baby wipes for hygiene reasons, so I expect the packing will allow for more to be brought.  Remember, however, that you should not bring a gargantuan bag of them -- it is better to bring smaller units that are sealed.  They will pass inspection more easily and will be less likely to dry out.

3)  Menstrual pads.  Face it -- this will happen while you are at school, so you will need to be
prepared.  I highly doubt tampons will be allowed because of the risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome.  The packing list will likely require unscented individually wrapped pads sufficient for one menstrual cycle, and the PX will provide a restocking opportunity during each phase.  Medics will likely be provided with some pads just in case, but you should always try to pack for your own needs.

4)  Medication for during menstruation -- very doubtful.  The West Point Camp Buckner packing list allows this, but I doubt it will be allowed for female attendees.  I'm also 100% certain that no female attendee will ask for it, but I added it to this list for the sake of completeness.

If you have any other thoughts of what female Rangers need to pack, please mention them in the comments section.  If you have some thoughts about why women shouldn't attend Ranger School, please write them on a piece of paper and put them in your pocket.


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