The Packing List

Below is the most recent Ranger School packing list, and here is the link to the original Excel file on the RTB site.  Why use the one below?  Simple -- this page links you to the most recommended products in each category, and points you to additional items you will want to have.  I cross-checked the changes against the previous packing lists -- notice that the school has added a facemask/balaclava as a required item.  Also, as a reminder, there is no longer a 70-stick limit on gum.  The school removed religious medallions from the optional list in April 2014, but I would be surprised if they actually told a student he couldn't have his St. George's medal.  Also, as of April 2014 the list now clarifies (again) that students can have Potomac Field Gear approved items. One last format change is that the packing ist is now an Excel spreadsheet instead of a PDF.

This is the official packing list, but I've added some interesting links at the bottom for gear, clothes, and other good stuff to blow money on.

Thanks to a reader, I just learned about the Student Amazon Prime program -- if you order any items from Amazon and have a .edu address, you may want to sign up. It's free and gives two-day shipping and some other benefits. Disclosure: I'm not a member and have never used the program.

Cap,ACU with cat eyes sewn on and name tape, (velcro or sewn on; Cover), Marine (with cat eyes sewn on and name-tape sewn on back) note #12 eaYou should sew that name tape on -- or you'll lose your cover for sure.
ID Card 1 ea
Trousers, ACU 6 ea
Treat these with permethrin if you don't have treated ones already.

Annoying but effective video instructions:

Also, I recommend sewing a nametape on above the right rear pocket -- otherwise you'll lose your pants when everyone throws their stuff together to wash.
Coat, ACU 6 eaSame as with trousers
Boots, Hot Weather Desert (All Boots IAW AR 670-1 WITH NO BUCKLES)2 ea
Boots, Cold Weather (All Boots IAW AR 670-1 WITH NO BUCKLES)1 ea200-400g thinsulate or inserts
Shoes, Running1 pr
PT Uniform: Jacket, Pants, Long Sleeve Shirt, Short Sleeve Shirt, Shorts1 ea
Name-Tape, Cloth (sew on, no velcro)4 ea
Drawers, Cold Weather; Military issue Poly-Pro or Gen III, level-1-bottoms. 2 ea
Drawers, Cold Weather; Military issue Poly-Pro or Gen III, level-2-bottoms. 2 ea
Undershirt, Cold Weather; Military issue Poly-Pro or Gen III level-1-tops 2 ea
Undershirt, Cold Weather; Military issue Poly-Pro or Gen III level-2-tops 2 ea
Eye glasses (military issue, if required) each with retainer bands2 pr MIN Inserts don't count as glasses.  Inserts *don't count* as glasses.  Remember what I just told you.
Eye Protection APEL (Clear Lens only) (w/inserts if required)2 pr
Bring extra sets -- you'll lose at least two.  If you have expensive ones, keep them in the barracks.
ID Tags with Breakaway Chain with Medical Alert Tags or Bracelet (if required)2 sets
Civilian clothes consisting of: 1 Collar Shirt, 1 pr of Pants, 1 Jacket1 ea
Neck Gator Brown / Tan NO BLACK1 eaCIF LIN: G39744
Duffel Bag (Army issue only) No oversized Duffel Bags and no zippers. One additional Duffel Bag with lock for unauthorized item if coming from an overseas unit or TDY enroute.2 ea/3eaCIF LIN: B14729
Gloves, Leather, Blk with Inserts or Gloves, Cold, Foliage Green. 1 prCIF LIN: G63382 CIF LIN: J62858 
Socks, white (calf or above ankle only)2 pr  You will get sent home if your socks are too short (or too dirty -- bring new ones):
Magazine, M4 7 ea Don't buy magazines unless you have to -- you'll lose them anyway.  If you can't get them from your unit and have to buy them, get the cheapest ones you can.  Here is your pre-made Google search.
Adapter, Firing, (M4 yellow) NOT M16 RED1 eaM-4 Blank Firing Adapter (availability seems to come and go on this one)
Belt, tan non-elastic (Rigger style)2 ea

Nicer version --  BLACKHAWK! CQB/Rigger's Belt
T-Shirts, S/S; ACU tan or ACU green ; cotton loose fitting (t-shirt Service Specific)8 ea
Socks, cushion sole wool blend (Military Black, Tan or Green - non waterproof)15 pr
You need to bring standard military socks, but don't ruck on them!  Fox Rivers will get you through RAP week, Mountains, and beyond.
Fox River Stryker Military Boot Socks

For packing list purposes, go cheap on the Army socks:
Army Irregular Olive Drab Cushion Sole Socks
Watch cap; green micro fleece2 ea Bring extra -- everyone has to be in the same uniform, so you'll want extras to share if someone else loses theirs.  I recommend 4.
Weapons Cleaning Kit, small arms with the following tiems: 1 cleaning rod handle, 4 cleaning rods, 1 eyelet, 1 bore brush, 1 chamber brush, 1 two ended tooth brush, 1 pack of chamber patches, 1 small bottle of CLP)1 eaNo matter what cleaning kit you have, you'll need a decent bore snake:

You'll also want a barbers brush to clean dust off the weapons -- you can get a NO-GO for dusty weapons during inspection:

Whistle, OD (military issue) NSN 8465-00-254-88031 ea
Belt, reflective (High Vis. Yellow)1 ea Bring an elastic belt, not the older stiff plastic one.  It'll be easier to get on and off your ruck in a hurry.
Combination Locks (key locks unauthorized)1 additional for unauthorized bags if from overseas unit or TDY enroute5 ea/1ea  These are great -- the fewer combos you need to know, the better:
Compass, Lensatic (military issue)1 eaFSC LIN: E66317
Ear Plugs with Case1 ea
Extra Bootlaces2 pr SGT KNOTS Paracord Boot Laces - Desert Sand 54"
Camelback/MOLLE hydration system 70-100oz. Carrier will not have additional pockets/ CIF LIN: DA651E and DA652Q 1 ea
Extra bite Valve and Blatter for hydration system1 ea If your CamelBak bladder bursts (and they do), you can usually turn it in and get a replacement.  If the bite valve is jacked, they'll tell you to suck it up.  I had to replace mine in the field:
Flashlight, AA Style, with red lens 1 ea The AA Maglite is best.  DON'T bring a Surefire or anything that needs special batteries.

Here is the AA Maglite:

And here is a red lens kit for it:
Batteries, AA and/or AAA cell (For Flashlights)8 pk/ea I brought more than 8 AA's, and used all of them.  You'll want them for flashlights, headlamps, and NOD's:
Headlamp1 ea Energizer Trail Finder 7 LED Head Light (3 AAA Batteries Included)
Luminous tape 1"X6" strip1 ea Be a hero and bring enough for your buddies.  Plus, you'll use this to make reference cards for the patrol base:
Mouth Piece (Athletic)1 ea Go cheap on this -- you'll use it once:
Nylon Cord (550 type)100 ft 100 feet is the minimum -- if you're going to pre-Ranger, bring more:
Pens10 ea You don't need high-speed pens -- just the basics are fine.  That said, if you want a Rite-in-the-Rain style space pen for a lower price, check these out:
Pencils10 ea
Same as pens -- nothing fancy needed, but try to get something durable:
Paper Mate 0.7mm Mechanical Pencils 
Notebook, pocket size3 ea Rite in the Rain - Green Tactical Note Book (All Weather)
Protractor2 ea If you have an Army-issued one, make sure it is cut correctly.  You'll need more than one, so here is an option:
Razor, shaving (non electric)1 ea
Razor Blades12 ea
Sewing Kit1 ea
Shaving Cream1 can
Shower Shoes (Any Color)1 pr
Soap2 bars
Soap Dish1 ea
Toothbrush1 ea
Toothpaste (large tubes)2 ea
Towels, large (green or brown)2 ea
Towels (wash cloth) (green or brown)2 ea
Laundry Soapas needed Disregard the "as needed" -- you need enough to wash your stuff, and don't count on a resupply while you're there.  I used these:
Wristwatch (non GPS or Internet capable)1 ea The SF guys swore by their Suunto watches, and they were right.  They were the only source of weather information for us in the field, and kept us dry more than once:
Band, Helmet, Camouflage1 ea
Alcohol Marker, permanent (any color)1 ea Alcohol Marker, Permanent
Facemask / Balaclava, Army issue1 eaDon't try to bring some ninja high-speed $50 piece of gear -- just the basic facemask, bud.  If you are classing up in the winter, this thing will save your life and be your best friend.
Camouflage Stick, light green and loam (or like item)3 eaOk.  Bring this to look high-speed in Darby.  By Mountains, no one cares about face paint -- just throw some charcoal and mud on your face and you'll be fine.
Feminine Wipes/Additional Baby Wipes (2 per day)124 total
Don't go spend a bunch of cash on "tactical" wipes.  Get basic unscented baby wipes:
Sport Bra (No underwire, no clasp, no hooks) 2 to 6white, black, tan, brown only -- here is an example
Drawers Cotton, Underwear2 to 6 prwhite, black, tan, brown only
Pads/Tampons2 month supplyBecause of the risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome, I recommend using pads.
Female Urinary Diversion Device (FUDD)1 eaThis is the official one on the official list, and therefore you should *only buy this one*.  DO NOT, under any circumstances, bring another color.
Intrauterine Devises (IUD)N/AMirena, ParaGard Only
Birth Control Pills6 month supply
Patch6 month supplyOrtho-Evra (not recommended)
Alcohol Markers (Blk/Blue/Red/Grn)2 ea Staedtler Alcohol Markers
Alcohol Eraser1 ea Bring more than one:
Black Tape, friction or electrical2 rolls You'll use this everyday.  Taping up straps, prepping for recon, etc.  Bring plenty:
Finger/toe nail clippers1 ea
Foot Powder, (Anti-fungal, not containing menthol)2 ea Go small with this (the medics will give you some in Mountains), but definitely bring some.  You don't want to get Malvesti foot:
Large Trash Bags1 box Don't cheap out here -- you want bags that won't tear and will last for a few days.  Here is an example:
Lip Balm1 eaGet one that is water-resistant and contains sunscreen -- the wind and the sun will definitely mess your lips up.  Cheap but good one here. 
Pocket Knife (folding blade 4" or less)1 ea It's already on your Gerber.
Small Mirror1 ea Get metal so it won't break -- Camping Mirror.
Sunscreen (6-8 FL. OZ.)2 ea Here's an example:  Bullfrog Sunscreen.
Waterproof Bags (zip lock, small)25 ea Small ones are useful, but quart size are essential:

Make a Ranger wallet as early as possible.
Baby Wipes: Alcohol free and without additives1 box Not optional at all.  Also, don't go spend a bunch of cash on "tactical" wipes.  Get basic unscented baby wipes:
Drawers Cotton, Underwear (white, brown or green)6 pr Bring these.  You'll want underwear for garrison sleeping, and they can reduce chafing on the ruck march. BUT REMEMBER: don't try new things at Ranger School.  Do what you've done during your training.
Electric Hair Trimmer1 set Don't buy one, but bring it if you have it.  You need a Ranger haircut and there are no barbershops.  The more clipper you have, the faster you can go to sleep in garrison.  Here is the one I brought (but just bring basic ones you don't mind losing):
Gloves, Cold Weather, Civilian Goretex(black or subdued colors)1 prSee below.
Gloves, Nomex or Tactical Style (Logo must be subdued or blacked in, No Neoprene Type Gloves)1 pr
Another essential.  Your hands get torn up by all the bushwhacking.  Don't buy these online -- you need to find gloves that fit comfortably and will work for you. I'm just showing you one option:
Hand Sanitizer with or without alcohol is permitted1 ea
Index Cards2 packs Yep -- the link says 5 x 8.  You cut them in half and they fit well in the Ranger Handbook.  Any other size will do, but bring plenty -- you'll use a ton in Darby doing OPORD's:
Insect Repellant (non aerosol)1 ea Go big or go home.  You're going to want 100% DEET when you have no place to run from the bugs:
Insoles, Boots (Any Type)2 ea
Lamination Paper1 roll max Don't buy sheets or self-sealing envelopes -- you need a roll you can easily cut up and share out:
Laundry Bag (mesh or green)1 ea
Leathermans Type Tool1 ea I used it every single day -- weapons disassembly, opening MRE's, etc.  Tie it down or you'll lose it:
I prefer Gerber.
Letter Writing Materialas needed Pre-address and pre-stamp your envelopes.  No link on this one.
Lighter1 ea On the side of a mountain in 30 mph wind, only a torch lighter is going to get that RI-approved fire going.  Same thing for fixing tie-downs:
Liner, Field Jacket1 ea
Map Case1 ea You don't need this -- use a big ziplock bag and save some money for once.
Moleskinas needed . . . and you'll need it.  Just bring a small amount for backup, since you can get it from the medics:
Pace Cord1 ea By land nav, you'll already be exhausted.  Bring some sort of pace beads to keep you on track.  You'll really need them in Florida for long movements:
Packs of Non-Caffiene chewing gumas needed Gum is to Ranger school as cigarettes are to prison. "Extra" has flavor for longer, and fruit gum is like a meal when you're starving:
Q-Tips1 box Bring a big box for weapons cleaning:
Skin Care Lotion: (6 - 8 FL.OZ.) Free of alcohol, fragrance, and petroleum 1 ea You definitely need some lotion.  Your hands will crack no matter what, but in the winter classes it is brutal.  This is the classic:
Status Card NOTE: Status Cards Must be BLANK1 ea Get this at Ranger Joe's -- they have the best status card:
Tactical Handbook, Unit Leader, Small (THULS)1 ea Can you bring this?  Yes.  Will you be jealous if someone else has it?  Yes.  Will you use it?  NO.  But here it is anyway:
Tape, 100 MPH2 rolls You'll use lots of this, and earn some peer points by sharing with the guys that bring tiny rolls:

Also, bring a small roll of colored/patterned tape to mark bags.  Not sure I'd recommend this pattern though:
Terrain Model Kit (small)1 ea Check out this post.
Waterproof Matches2 boxes Don't bring these -- you get them in MRE's anyhow.
Whetstone1 ea Everyone's knife gets dull after the first few days.  I volunteered to sharpen all of them periodically, and earned a lot of favors down the road:
Wrist Compass1 ea When you're compassman, it is a real pain to hold your compass while juggling the rifle, the map, etc.  The wrist compass is worth it:
Potomac Field Gear approved itemsPotomac Field Gear

Some additional items you may want to bring:

  • Ranger bands -- perfect for keeping your foot powder closed, bundling 550 cord, etc.
  • Color plastic index tabs -- use these to find critical portions of the Ranger Handbook quickly when you are in leadership.
  • Anti-fog wipes -- you DEFINITELY need these.  Night movements with foggy eyepro are ten times worse, and you'll get a major minus (or lose an eye -- seriously) if you take your eyepro off in the field.
  • Sidewalk chalk -- you'll use this as part of your terrain model kit. 


Huckberry -- I buy stuff from here all the time.  If you don't believe it is a cool site, click on over and check out their Tactical Shop.  You get $10 off the first order through this link, and they offer a military discount.

Ranger Up -- Shirts, workout gear, posters, and other Rangerrific stuff.  Sorry, but I'm not cool enough to get a discount here.

The Art of Manliness -- Just check it out.

More to follow . . .


  1. You didn't comment on the knee and elbow pads, field jacket liner, laundry bag, BFA, the cold weather insulated gloves, hand-sanitizer, or the TMK. I was wondering if any of those items were worth trying to pack in to my 2 duffel bags and if so, what kind of TMK?

    1. at the end it mentions items need to be sealed...comments on that? not everything I have is brand new.

  2. Not everything needs to be brand new -- they are just trying to cut down on contraband. The more things that are sealed, the easier the initial inspection will be.

  3. So we are allowed to bring more than whats on the packing list? ie i can bring 2 instead of 1 tactical gloves?

    1. Yes -- you can bring more. Just make certain that whatever you bring isn't prohibited (no neoprene gloves, for example), and all your gear must fit in the two duffel bags.

      For some reason, however, this isn't true for gum -- ONLY 70 pieces. Some Ranger Instructors will actually count them and make you throw the extra ones away.

  4. The Lotion is supposed to be free of alcohol and fragrance, but Corn Huskers Lotion has both. Do you know that this has been OK'd? Do they make exceptions, or do they not scrutinize this item?

  5. In my experience, the Ranger Instructors overlook this item. At least, they must, because in the winter classes a ton of students have it. That said, the safest bet is always to track exactly what the packing list says.

    1. Hi, Not sure if anyone will respond to this because it's two years from the last reply. You said, track exactly what the packing list says...except the packing list doesn't give any example of a body lotion that is alcohol, fragrance and petroleum free...and searching for that in a drug store is like finding a needle in a very large haystack.

  6. With the Army being able to wear OCP if they purchase it starting July 1, do you think you will be able to wear it in Ranger school?

    1. I don't see any reason why not -- after all , the Army is phasing in that uniform. That said, I'd give a call over to RTB to double-check.

  7. Can we bring gallon size ziplock bags?

    1. Yes -- I have never heard any issue with that.

  8. Replies
    1. Although I've seen brown, green, ACU and black, you are supposed to have the issued knee pads. The official packing list shows the ACU version.

  9. Potomac Field Gear provides Ranger School candidates with a 20% discount and free shipping on products that are on the US Army Ranger Packing list. Simply use RLTW in the code box when completing your order on our web site:

  10. Is a surefire flashlight actually prohibited? Or will it count for satisfying that packing list item? I don't mind carrying the special batteries.

    1. As far as I've seen, the Surefire is not prohibited. That said, you *must* bring a AA-battery flashlight. Once you are classed up, you won't need to buy additional batteries. You are allowed to turn in the ones you have and get restocked, but not if they are surefire.

  11. Sending a care package to my son ending the mountain phase next Thursday. Any suggestions on what to send. He asked for junk food but I noticed that is not on the approved list. Thanks

  12. Is the Suunto Core watch still allowed at Ranger School? Is it also allowed during the Land Nav test?

    1. Just be certain the watch you have is not GPS or internet capable. I don't remember them not allowing the watches on Land Nav, but an easy fix is to bring a cheapo watch as well.

  13. Are we able to wear multicam to ranger school? Now that we are switching uniforms and those are allowed in garrison

  14. Hi-

    Can someone please clarify what "Potomac Field Gear" approved items" means? I understand what Potomac Field Gear is, I just don't know what's been approved.


  15. Are we allowed to bring Body Glide, Vaseline, or something similar to prevent chafing?

  16. Are we allowed to bring Body Glide or Vaseline to prevent chafing?

  17. Can you bring and wear nylon sock liners?

  18. The Suunto Core has both GPS and an Altimeter. I heard through the grapevine that both are not allowed doing RIP RASP or RS. Anybody have clarification?

  19. The Suunto Core has both GPS and an Altimeter. I heard through the grapevine that both are not allowed doing RIP RASP or RS. Anybody have clarification?

  20. Didn't see FLC, ruck, or ACH on the they issue those items to you there?


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